Morning Motivation: “God is good all the time

Morning Motivation: “God is good all the time. Stop looking at the bad and say this to yourself until you believe it with your whole heart.”
Good Morning,
Every now and then it’s good to set your mind on one simple, yet timeless reminder: God is good. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. This phrase is repeated so often that we forget it’s significance. Today’s lesson teaches us how to set our minds and hearts on God’s goodness. Every day you wake up you have a choice to focus on the good or the bad. And yes, there is a lot of bad in this world to focus on. But you can also choose to shift your attention towards the good. This Monday you can find the beauty in simple things. You can share a kind word or compliment with someone who needs it. Or you can simply stop stressing for five minutes, sit back and relax, and give God a praise no matter where you are.